Decarbonisation Speedways - Full Report

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The introduction of the ‘Fit for 55’ package has significantly raised the decarbonisation ambition for Europe, and with that, the need for faster progress in decarbonising end use and the power system.

Eurelectric and its members aim to be firmly positioned in Brussels policy circles as respected and critical partner in Europe’s decarbonisation agenda. A sound and up-to-date scenario study on accelerated decarbonisation pathways is critical to achieve this.

In this study, we aim to provide insight into applying the accelerated decarbonisation ambition of the economy and power sector to the current reality of the power sector. Alternative scenarios towards full decarbonisation are provided, with key milestones in 2030, 2040 and 2050, accounting for high electrification expectations and growing focus on sector integration, as well as the uncertainty resulting
from ongoing geopolitical tensions and supply pressures.

This study relies on the collaboration with dedicated industry professionals in the European power sector. Many experts contributed actively by providing input and reviews of both the report and the underlying demand framework.

We hope that this report will contribute to the decision making in a rapidly changing environment.

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