Lights on EU elections: delivering electrification for climate and energy security

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The next five years will make or break the EU climate and energy agenda. Against a tapestry of rising geopolitical tensions, supply chain bottlenecks, worsening climate change and a cost-of-living crisis, the electricity industry’s Manifesto for 2024-2029 calls on incoming policymakers to deliver on the promises of the Green Deal by accelerating electrification, empowering consumers, and ensuring security of supply.


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The EU is coming to the end of a legislative cycle that put climate action front and centre. Today challenges like the war in Ukraine, growing geopolitical tensions and industrial competitiveness are re-centreing the EU agenda on energy security.

“We are facing a very different world compared to five years ago when the last elections for the European Parliament took place. Today, electricity is not only the solution to the climate crisis but also a critical means to secure Europe’s energy independence with homegrown clean and renewable generation.” – says Eurelectric’s Secretary General Kristian Ruby.


The next legislative term will have to make sure each agreed target is properly implemented starting from the Clean Energy for all Europeans and Fit for 55 packages.

“We owe it to the next generation to deliver on the promises of the Green Deal and transform the rules and laws into actual change on the ground”– adds Ruby.

An Electrification Action Plan

Today, electricity only makes up 23% of the energy consumed in Europe. This means that, while the EU is working hard to decarbonise, the economy still runs predominantly on fossil fuels. Accelerating electrification must become a core objective for the next Commission to end the addiction on fossil fuels. The electricity industry therefore calls for an Electrification Action Plan with measures needed to drastically accelerate electrification.

One such measure is an overhaul of the power infrastructure. The EU Grid Action Plan is an excellent first step but not the end of the road.
Incoming policymakers will need to ensure that Europe’s electricity grids are expanded and digitalised to meet a future with growing power demand and more extreme weather.


Lastly, consumers must be empowered to take a more active role in Europe’s decarbonisation. The next Commission should promote consumers’ participation in the transition by facilitating the adoption of smarter, more energy efficient electric technologies.



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Eurelectric represents the interests of the European electricity industry. We seek to contribute to the competitiveness of our industry, provide effective representation in public affairs and promote the role of electricity in the advancement of society. 


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