Helen – PV panels

Did you know that the newest Helen Oy plant was almost completely reserved, before it was even built?

Source: Helen Renewables/Demand response
Helen 2

Helen Oy invests into building solar plants in Finland and offers the possibility to its customers to rent a solar panel from the solar plant and increase the production of solar energy. The solar electricity produced by the panel is subtracted from the electricity bill of the customer.

Since 2015 Helen has built three solar plants in Helsinki through this system: In Suvilahti in 2015 with 1194 panels, Kivikko in 2016 with 2992 panels and Pasila in 2019 with 1913 panels.

As the first plant was fully reserved, Helen Oy started to build another one in Kivikko and when the 2nd plant was full, Helen started building the 3rd one in Pasila. As the Pasila has been almost reserved before it was operational, the extension (314 panels) is currently under work.

The revenue for Helen comes from the rent price of each solar panel. One solar panel costs 4,40€/month and the normal average compensation from the solar electricity is 1 € / month.

The service has been a success as the plants are most of the time sold out. Link: https://www.helen.fi/en/sun/homes/solar-power-plants/suvilahti-solar-power-plant

Press article: https://www.helen.fi/en/news/2019/messukeskuksen-aurinkovoimala-avautuu--laajennusosan-rakentaminen-messukeskuksen-katoille-alkoi-heti