Energie AG - Smart flex

Did you know that your heat pump is not just good for environment but also can save you a lot of money?

Source: EnergieAG Renewables/Demand response

Did you know that your heat pump is not just good for environment but also can save you a lot of money?

‘Smart flex home advantage’ contributes to an even better integration of renewable energy sources into power systems. The heat pump’s use shall be suspended at times of the day in which sufficient electricity has been produced - for example, during times with significant wind or strong sunshine, if wind power or solar panels deliver energy in a particularly efficient way.

Energie AG’s smart flex home advantage offers an exceptionally innovative pricing model. The heat pump knows when electricity is listed as cheap or free and moves its consumption during these times. Thanks to this offer, energy costs for the heat pump can be kept up to 20% cheaper.

Every day the market price for the next day is translated into a price profile for the heat pump’s electricity consumption. There are three price brackets:

  • 6x hours are allocated to the lowest price bracket
  • 12 hours are allocated to the mid-range price bracket
  • 6 hours are allocated to the higher price bracket

During the hours when the market price is negative, the customer’s electricity is free - regardless of which price bracket would otherwise be used during these hours.

The customer can directly profit from the current market price and upward anomalies will be capped. Energie AG therefore ‘assures’ its customers that they will not be charged particularly high prices. The respective daily prices are available on Energie AG’s website or via Energie AG’s Alexa Skills.

Once the heat pump has been configured, it automatically recognises the price bracket classification and can direct the service in coordination with other heat factors (room temperature, outside temperature, etc.). This ensures optimum saving and is extremely cost effective.

Link: https://www.energieag.at/Privat/Strom/Heimvorteil-smart-flex