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Photovoltaics for #Home. Turn-key and without worries

Source: CEZ Renewables/Demand response
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In 2019, the Romanian Government has launched a program to finance photovoltaic systems for households – with one financing scheme for on-grid households and another one for off-grid households - and outlined the legislation to facilitate prosumers. Customers may receive funds representing up to 90% of their total costs, but no more than 20.000 RON, the equivalent of 4.200 EUR, to install minimum 3 kWp.

CEZ Sales is a key energy supplier in the Romanian market since 2007 and a strong supporter of renewable energy. CEZ has thus sought to enable as many people as possible to become prosumers, by helping them to obtain the grant, recomending a trusted partner for the installation, empowering them to produce their own green energy for free, and facilitating the sale of this green energy back to the energy grid.

“Our product is focused on consultancy and facilitating the installation of on-grid photovoltaics, product that we have sold only to our existing customer base. The main statement for this campaign is “Photovoltaics for #Home, turn-key and without worries”.

Adrian VINTILA, New Product Development Manager

CEZ Photovoltaics has two parts: one is selecting a solution that covers customer needs and applying for the grant, the other is overseeing the installation process. The people are supported through guidance on obtaining the documents needed from local authorities, legal empowerment and finally facilitating installation by one of the trusted partners, approved by the Environment Fund Administration of Romania to install photovoltaics funded from state grants.

“The demand for our product was greater than anticipated, in part due to the grants and in part due to the fact that people would have greater savings or even passive income due to prosumer legislation.”

Dan SERBAN, Customer Services Director

Link: https://www.cezinfo.ro/fotovoltaice