Eurelectric review of National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs)

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  • Eurelectric welcomes the publication of the draft updated National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) published by 24 Member States. We urge Member States to deliver their final NECPs within the agreed deadlines to ensure a timely assessment and provide visibility to the business community.
  • Eurelectric welcomes the high ambition in renewable energy shares in gross final consumption in electricity, industry, transport and the buildings sector. Specifically, many countries have made strong pledges for renewable electricity, some even targeting a 100% renewable energy source (RES) share by 2030.
  • Eurelectric would like to call more attention to overall electrification rates and encourages Member States to include electrification rate indicators consistently in all NECPs.
  • Eurelectric is disappointed with the lack of reference to grid development in most NECPs. We urge the Commission, as well as Member States, for due consideration, in particular on distribution grids, in these plans. European grids need modernisation efforts and adequate planning to integrate more renewables in a cost-efficient manner, in line with the recommendations stated in the Eurelectric Action Plan on Grids (see also here).
  • Eurelectric appreciates the depth and clarity of several NECPs but stresses that the plans must follow a harmonised structure, addressing all key points and sections. Such standardisation will ensure that the assessment is done in an equal manner for all countries and will guarantee that all five dimensions of the Energy Union are dealt with in each Member State.
  • While the ambition of these updated NECPs has improved since the 2019 ones, it is urgent that Member States implement policies and measures that will help them reach the new 2030 targets. The wide range of ambition between countries has shown that some will most likely miss their targets which will therefore affect the EU’s ability to fulfil its goals. The EU is striving to be a climate leader but can only do so if all its members deliver on their promises by implementing adequate national decarbonisation policies.




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