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Biodiversity loss and climate change

Two of the biggest threats to the future of our planet – and human civilisation itself.
Over 80% of habitats in the European Union are already in poor condition due to intensive farming, urban sprawl or pollution.
Climate change will only add fuel to the fire. Set to become the leading driver of biodiversity loss by 2050, it will wipe out even more of the natural world.

With the EU aiming to restore degraded ecosystems and cut emissions by at least 55% compared to 1990 by 2030, now it is our chance to tackle biodiversity loss and climate change at the same time.

Electrification, supported by a massive rollout of renewables, can break the cycle of degradation, and help regenerate biodiversity.
This means massive efforts at an unprecedented scale. And changing things up like our very lives depend on it. Because they do.

We need transformative change, at a scope that has never been attempted before.
We teamed up with award-winning architecture and design firm EFFEKT to see what an integrated project – one which generates renewable energy while protecting and regenerating biodiversity – would look like.
We call it Power Plant.

For too long, there has been a siloed approach to tackling biodiversity loss and climate change. The climate crisis and biodiversity loss are inextricably linked, so we need to tackle them at the same time.
Power Plant illustrates how the electricity industry can support the natural world and regenerate biodiversity through integrated renewable energy projects



What they said

Miguel Stilwell d'Andrade


"There is a need to deploy renewables 3 to 4 times faster than it is done today. More and more, the conversion is about the net impact on biodiversity, rather than no impact. On a net basis, we will make things better."

Ignacio Galàn

Chairman of Iberdrola Group, 2021

"We spend six or seven years getting permits for renewable assets that are built in a matter of months. If this doesn't change, we will not be able to achieve our objectives for 2030. The power sector needs faster, more streamlined application processes."

Leonhard Birnbaum

CEO and Chairman of E.ON, 2021

"One thing is the same in every single market I am active; everybody has an increase in investment needs compared to the past. If we invest too little or too late... it will be massively more expensive."

Frank Timmermans

European Commission Vice-President - Climate Action

"We need a fundamental economic shift, combining the energy transition with biodiversity regeneration. We need a focus on agriculture, increased land and marine protected areas, and a circular economy. Businesses are more advanced than politics on this and we need to press governments."

Sinus Lynge

Partner, EFFEKT Architects

"The results of these initial studies have shown us multiple solutions exist when looking at combining renewable energy production and biodiversity. We truly hope to see such potential realised in the next decade."

"Our goal is an overall ‘No Net Loss’ on new infrastructure projects gaining consent in 2020 onwards for Transmission and 2023 for Renewables and achieving ‘Net Gain’ on projects gaining consent in 2025 onwards for Transmission and Renewables."

"By 2030, biodiversity enhancing measures are an integrated part of all activities with an impact on nature. By implementing a broad range of measures, both at existing sites and in new builds, we contribute to maintaining healthy ecosystems and a living planet."



Historically, policies have addressed the climate crisis and biodiversity loss separately. But policies that address both together have been shown to be more effective. Eurelectric looked at the legislative calendar through 2025, taking into consideration a broad range of policies - from agricultural to financial, from spatial planning to nature restoration. We aim at addressing both challenges simultaneously. And ensuring these crises are tackled in an integrated manner.


  • EPBD revision


  • EC evaluation of National CAP Plans
  • Permitting guidelines
  • Guidelines afforestation and reforestation
  • Action plan to conserve fisheries resources
  • Nature Restoration Law
  • EU Solar Strategy



  • Green Data4All
  • Carbon farming legislation (Incl. removal certification programme)


  • River Basin Management Plan Revision
  • NECPs draft update


  • New Commission and Parliament
  • REDIII enters into force (indicative) FF55 implementation


  • MFF negotiations begin

    REPowerEU & Recovery and Resilience facility (RRF)    

    National Maritime Spatial Plans implementation     



Eurelectric has worked with a wide range of stakeholders covering the uptake of renewable energy and the preservation and restoration of biodiversity. The members of the Advisory Group have been consulted in the initial steps of the process of drafting the Power Plant report.

The final content is not an endorsement from their part. Eurelectric's Structure of Expertise has adopted this report according to the internal validation processes.



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