As energy companies rethink their business operations in the energy transition, it becomes increasingly clear that value for companies is not only generated through business operations but in the way they are carried out.

Sustainability is the red line that ties together the European electricity sector as an integral part of its way of doing business. It implies acting wisely for the sake of present and future time, empowering rather than merely deploying people, places and resources. Eurelectric and its members are steadily committed to further embedding sustainability across our industry. This resolution is made concrete through growth-based actions, focused on seeking out innovative solutions to handle environmental impacts, sharing value with the communities where businesses operate and enabling synergies between economic and social progress. 

In times of major global challenges and growing energy needs, electricity is a key driver for the transition towards a sustainable development model. In the implementation of its sustainability policy, the European electricity sector looks to the United Nations’ sustainable development agenda and related goals, and is fully committed to contribute towards their achievement.